Is Google Trying to Look Like Yahoo?


Google placed an ad on their ever so clean and virgin territory of being ad free.  Is this a sign of things to come? Are they going to go toward the Yahoo model?  The truth is, the ad did not appear until you logged into your  GooglePlus account.  So if you didn’t see the ad, you were not logged in.

This is not the first time Google has ran ads on their naked landing page.  Do you remember the Foxfire promotions? How about Google Pak? Da Vinci Code contest, Droid 1 announcement?   So when they said there will never be flashy banner ads on Google’s home page…Ever! Well, never say never.

Remember iGoogle? Well, they killed it as part of their bigger vision.  Let’s GooglePlus everyone first, then post birthday announcements, weather and of course ads  on their home page.  No need for iGoogle then now is there?

Tony I.


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