Yahoo’s New CEO Marissa Mayer, Defects from Google

37 and ready to take on the world, and wouldn’t you for 59 Million dollars?

Mayer writes in a memo to the Yahooligan’s:

“I couldn’t be more excited to be here — thank you for the warm welcome over the past two days!,” Mayer gushes in the memo. “I can’t wait to get to know more about Yahoo’s products, culture, and all of you. I’ve always had a deep respect for Yahoo! — I first experienced it as a student at Stanford in 1994 as “David and Jerry’s Guide to the World Wide Web” — and I’ve been fan ever since.”

Mayer has some ideas, she told the Yahooligans, but wanted to convey one thing above all else: don’t stop.

“I need to develop a more informed perspective before making strategy or direction changes. In the meantime, please do not stop. You are doing important work. Please don’t stop.”

“With the exception of a few things that might heavily constrain us in the future, the answer is most likely: “Yes, keep moving.”

Mayer, Google employee number 20 after joining the young and up and coming soon to be search giant, in 1999.  She was the company’s first female engineer.  But after 13 years she defects and takes the helm at Yahoo as CEO.



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